How to Move with Children

Family Moving Tips

Moving is one of the most stressful events in life. Adding children into the mix can leave you wondering, how can we do this? With some tips and proper planning, you will be able to acclimate your kids to the new environment easily and efficiently without overwhelming them. Children can be flexible and adjust seamlessly to a variety of new situations however all children require a routine and sense of normality around them for comfort. Below are some expert tips on moving with children. Label Maker If you are still in the beginning stages of packing consider purchasing a label maker or using a permanent marker to ensure anyone helping move will be able to take boxes to the correct place. Unpacking is much easier not having to move things from room to room. If your boxes are labeled well you may even consider allowing your children to help pack or unpack boxes that may belong to them. Keep Essentials in Sight Having a suitcase with your child(ren)s favorite toys, games and other activities to keep them entertained will make a huge difference. This is a great distraction, entertainment tool, and comforting idea for this change. Be sure to keep out favorite blankets or stuffed animals if your child takes naps throughout the day. We suggest keeping to the normal schedule as much as possible. Daycare Possibilities If you have young children that require constant supervision utilizing a childcare service or family members and friends could be a good idea. You can also set up a room in the new space for your child to safely play out of the way of any moving. Having a safe person you know to watch your children even just for a few hours will allow you to get more settled into your new home and may relieve some stress. Involve the Kids Children are more sensitive to change than adults give them credit for. Explaining what is happening and what will happen is going to be helpful to ...

May 12th, 2022