Back to School Organization Tips for College Students

Self Storage Tips

Back to School Organization Tips for College Students Within the next few weeks, I know it’s a little early but college students around the country will be getting ready to head to the dorms for fall semester. Freshmen everywhere are excited about the next phase in their lives, while returning students look forward to seeing friends and getting back to class while adjusting to these crazy times we live in. However, while as fun as living in the dorms with close friends can be, getting adjusted or readjusted to the small amount of space provided can be quite the challenge! Back to College Tips to Keep You Organized It’s no secret that dorm rooms tend to be on the small side. In fact, some rooms only measure around 300 square feet! This is why optimizing the amount of space you have is of the utmost importance. Whether you’re headed to college for the first time or returning for your second or third year, here are a few back to college tips for organizing a dorm room you should keep in mind: Pick up your moving supplies in advance. Another easy back to school organization tip is to start gathering your packing and moving supplies at least a few weeks before you head to college. This way, you can even get a jump on your packing once you have your boxes, packing tape, etc. if it’s in the house you are more likely to get a jump start. Make lists! use your phone. Tons of ways to stay organized these days. Writing lists is the ultimate way to stay organized during these hectic few weeks before school starts. Make lists of things you need to do before your move and supplies you need to buy to ensure you’re staying ahead of the game and on top of everything that needs to get done. I like to set deadlines in my calendar so I know it gets handled. Start purging belongings early. Before you start ...

July 22nd, 2022