Moving and Storage Tips

Moving And Packing

July 7th, 2022

Moving requires physical and emotional strain, as well as excitement! You'll have to accomplish a variety of things in order to succeed. Recognize that you may need more than just packing boxes and tape to complete this task. There are several actions you may take before and on the day of your move that can make relocation easier for you. At Wildwood Mini Storage in Pocatello, ID, we want to make moving more manageable. Check out our tips below for a seamless transition to your self storage unit.

What is the purpose of a storage self storage unit?
Self storage units are used to store items that do not fit in your home. A storage facility lacks many of the amenities found in a home but is a great place for your belongings to stay safe and secure. Self storage facilities like Wildwood Mini Storage, offer clean and affordable storage for all your needs.
Moving Supplies include cleaning, packing, and miscellaneous supplies that help make your move manageable. These include but are not limited to:
The first thing you should have on hand during the move is a sponge and a mild cleaner. Your belongings may require some light cleaning after you transfer them.
Plastic or standard boxes are among the most useful things to stock up on. The desire to have them all in the same size so they'll fit together more easily should be avoided. Instead, select a variety of sizes, including extra-large, medium, and wardrobe boxes. If necessary, you can add plastic containers as well.

Sandwich Bags
The need to disassemble beds and other furnishings is typically unavoidable during your move. To keep track of each piece of furniture hardware, use plastic bags to store screws, washers, or any other items they may go missing. Be sure to make a label for the bag and you can even use some painters tape to attach the baggie to a piece of the furniture.

Plastic Wrap

To keep your items from moving around while in transit, use plastic wrap! This is also a great way to keep items together in one bundle. Using plastic wrap can keep any liquids you may be transporting from one home to another from leaking out of bottles. You do not need a special kind of plastic, if you do not have time to get a new role, just grab the box from the kitchen for leftovers.
Be sure that you have a high-quality packing tape on hand for your packing! Tape will be used for constructing your boxes as well as sealing them. More is best in this case, you can check boxes as you move them into your unit and re-tape as needed.
Packing Materials
Protect your cherished items from damage during your move and while in your storage unit.
Typical styrofoam packing is used in the case of mail-order purchases. They help fill in the gaps in moving boxes, ensuring that their contents are not harmed during relocation. However, they may not be strong enough for your delicate or fragile products.

If your belongings include something sharp or delicate, place them in a container or box that has more cushioning and stability to it. Packing paper is necessary for these items since printed material may transfer to them. Plain paper is an excellent option since printed material may migrate onto your possessions.

You will need some tools to disassemble any furniture, a label maker for your containers and boxes, and a permanent marker, along with your packing tape.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is fun to pop but also is excellent for protecting your delicate items like glass. You can also use bubble wrap to cushion items prior to placing them in your boxes.

Packing Foam
Comes in a variety of forms, such as, corner guards, pouches, rolls, and sheets. Foam is a good way to protect picture frames, glasswares, ornaments, jewelry and a wide range of other household items. Using sheets that fit over large items can make securing your goods more simple. Packing foam is not a good investment for those on a budget that may need to move long distances. Foam is simpler to manage than other packing materials.
Speciality Boxes
Cardboard separators to keep things like glasswares still and separate during transit may be a good idea. Specialty boxes can be easy to find in stores, or with a simple search. Although they are a bit costly specialty boxes are the greatest way to ensure fragile items remain intact. Dish packing kits and glass-dividers are some of the more popular packing materials to use.
Supplies for Moving Day
Furniture Pads
Furniture pads are what you need if you are moving bookcases, sofas, and big furniture into your new house or storage facility. It just takes a few seconds to slide them beneath the furniture and will allow heavy items to move across the floor with minimal effort. If furniture cushions aren't an option, moving blankets can also do the trick. Furniture covers will help keep your furniture cleaner and safer from damages while sitting idle.
Dollies and Carts
Furniture dollies, appliance dollies, and hand trucks are some of the most helpful tools during a move. Perfect for moving large items in and out of a truck as well as in and out of your storage unit or home.
Lifting straps can be used when trying to move large appliances and huge pieces of equipment. This will allow the weight of the larger items to be distributed.
Safety straps aid in keeping your belongings in place during a move. Cargo ties and safety straps are ideal for larger items.

Moving Cost Effectively

Packing supplies and other moving equipment and materials can add up quite a bit, especially if you are moving a whole house. There are various methods to saving money before and during a move. You can check for used boxes that are still in working condition from friends, family, and even retail stores. You can also get creative when packing your belongings. Rather than purchasing expensive packing supplies, be sure to fill in any gaps in large boxes with comforters and cushions. You can also use towels to cushion your delicate items!
Packing Tips
Keeping an inventory of each box will help you to know if something goes missing. Placing your boxes in your moving truck or storage unit in a certain order and keeping track of where they are is a helpful way to make unpacking simpler.
Storage Units
If you need expert assistance when relocating or remodeling look no further than Wildwood Mini Storage. You can reach out to our expert on site managers to help with your storage unit needs. Contact Wildwood Mini Storage to find the perfect storage solution for you today!